Today is the day we honour our loved ones. And what about your employees???
How big is your ‘love’ for your co-workers?
Do you really like your colleagues?
So why don’t you tell them?
And why don’t you scream it from the rooftops?

Expressing publicly that you have excellent employees is simple but powerful way to improve your organisational climate. By doing so you can really stimulate innovation in your environment. It seems a bit too simple perhaps but in the long run big culture changes are built from tiny steps. Make your people feel good, make them feel at home. That’s just one of the 12 pillars of real organisation climate change. Today is a great day to take that first step towards climate change in your organisation.

Another pillar consists of celebrating successes and always finding a good reason to celebrate. So why don’t you have a shared coffee break, or leave early to have a beer with the team? Or perhaps you prefer to offer some sweets, or flowers? And if you don’t feel like doing something together, why don’t you consider encouraging your people to leave half an hour early to surprise their sweethearts at home? I bet that, in return you will gain double productivity …

Short notice for today? Consider tomorrow, Friday or next week. Any day is a good day to celebrate love!

So, what is your way to encourage your people? I’m looking forward to your reactions. I am convinced you can come up with many more alternatives to honour your employees.